Hue Hefner is a Playboy. His magazine is named after the lifestyle he lives. You can have an expensive car, a huge house and wear designer suits over your well toned body and STILL NOT be labeled a Playboy. You need CONFIDENCE. Money, cars and clothes are incredible confidence builders but not everyone is confident just because they have these things. HUSKYSTUD is simply about the guys who have that confidence.. disregarding their social status or physical condition. To be a HUSKYSTUD basically means you have the confidence of those playboys even if you’ve replaced the smoking jacket with a t-shirt that your beer belly is pushing to it’s limit. Nobody cares what you drive because they’re blinded by your bright personality. You could sleep in a van and classy, respectful women would still join you JUST BECAUSE they’re intrigued. You’re comfortable in your skin no matter the situation. If you think you’re a HUSKYSTUD.. PROVE IT. Now go EAT something.